Month: January 2013

Our Favourite Books from 2012: A Blast from the Past

Hey Peeps, My Favourite Book of 2012 and my comments on said book is now up over on the PRISM international website. Go check it out! Our Favourite Books from 2012: A Blast from the Past.

How to Write With Style, According to Kurt Vonnegut

According to Kurt Vonnegut, the 8 rules to writing with style are: Find a Subject You Care About Do Not Ramble, Though Keep It Simple Have the Guts to Cut Sound Like Yourself Say What You Mean to Say Pity the Readers For Really Detailed Advice, Read The Elements of

A Behind-the-scenes Look at the World of Writing Contests

Ever wondered how literary magazines go about judging their contests? PRISM international gives a behind-the-scenes look at the world of literary contests: How PRISM Judges Its Literary Contests.

Screamin’ 187 on Shitty Hyphenation

I wear a blue bandana and I KILL for the Oxford comma! Fuck with my crew and I'll 187 your ass. — Sierra Skye Gemma (@sierraskyegemma) January 12, 2013