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Great interview with National Mag Award winner @SierraGemma How nonficiton writers do it (with a sliver of steel)… — Plenitude Magazine (@PlenitudeMag) July 2, 2013

I’m all atwitter.

Another great interview on @trevcorkum’s site – this time with the lovely (and tough) @sierragemma! — Amanda Leduc ♿️ (@AmandaLeduc) July 2, 2013

Happiness is winning a National Magazine Award

Best New Magazine Writer is… Sierra Skye Gemma for the New Quarterly #nma13 @sierragemma — National Magazine Awards (@MagAwards) June 8, 2013

Best. Advertisement. Ever.

#NMA13 winners in today's Globe: @sierragemma @corporateknight @HazlittMag @HouseandHome and more — National Magazine Awards (@MagAwards) June 8, 2013

Who Says You Can’t Write a Literary Story in 140 Characters?

This little gem is by Natalie Morrill: "this poem idea is too weird," said goldilocks, "but whatever." "she was all strung out on porridge," the reviewer bear would later posit. — Natalie Morrill (@natalie_morrill) April 29, 2013