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I’ll marry a lovely bookworm

This year, I spent St. Patrick’s Day with friends, drinking copious amounts of wine. It got me to thinking about St. Paddy’s Days Past. St. Patrick’s Day of 2009 was particularly memorable. My then 9-year-old son said to me, “I’m full Irish, right?” I said, “No, you’re Irish, Scottish, some English and

Andreas Schroeder: The (CNF) Godfather

Here’s a great article from The Globe and Mail about UBC’s respected Creative Nonfiction Professor, Andreas Schroeder. It is entitled, “Andreas Schroeder: The godfather BC’s non-fiction boom.”

Book Love

I had a close encounter of the book kind the other day. UBC Security was selling off all the unclaimed lost and found stuff and I saw this old book in the pile. I picked it up and it was a 1908 copy of Tennyson’s poems and it had a