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Rhubarb’s Taboo Literary Contest update

I’m honoured to announce that my memoir, “The Devil’s In Her Mind,” has taken first place in creative non-fiction in Rhubarb’s Taboo Literary Contest. It will be published in the fall issue. Subscribe to Rhubarb!

Ploughshares Literary Magazine

The Five Pillars of Place by A.J. Kandathil

I just read a great article that I wanted to share with fellow writers who are working on projects that prominently feature place. “The Five Pillars of Place,” by A.J. Kandathil, is available from Ploughshares. Kandathil identifies the Five Pillars of Place as: Position Economy Young vs. Old Greek Chorus Lexicon

A Behind-the-scenes Look at the World of Writing Contests

Ever wondered how literary magazines go about judging their contests? PRISM international gives a behind-the-scenes look at the world of literary contests: How PRISM Judges Its Literary Contests.