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Finger-banging: free from Plenitude Magazine

Do you ever wish you could know me a little better? Do you ever think to yourself, “You know, Sierra could over-share a bit MORE than she already does”? Well, you are in luck, friends! Plenitude Magazine, the best queer literary magazine in all of Canada (and, quite possibly, in

Rhubarb magzine

Rhubarb’s Taboo Literary Contest update

I’m honoured to announce that my memoir, “The Devil’s In Her Mind,” has taken first place in creative non-fiction in Rhubarb’s Taboo Literary Contest. It will be published in the fall issue. Subscribe to Rhubarb!

I’m, like, totally crush worthy

Read Xtra gush about their crush on Plenitude Issue No. 2, featuring yours truly. Crush worthy: Falling for a new queer Canadian literary magazine

Ready to squirm? My memoir “Spare Change” published today in Plenitude no. 2

Here’s what Andrea Routley, the editor of Plenitude has to say about the latest issue: “When I contacted Elisha Lim about illustrating the cover for this issue, this is what I wrote them: “I’ve been getting lots of submissions on the subject of love this time around—awkward attempts to find

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