Finger-banging: free from Plenitude Magazine

Do you ever wish you could know me a little better? Do you ever think to yourself, “You know, Sierra could over-share a bit MORE than she already does”?

Well, you are in luck, friends!

Plenitude Magazine, the best queer literary magazine in all of Canada (and, quite possibly, in the whole world), has posted my short memoir “Spare Change” from Issue 2 on their website. It has such classic Sierra lines as:

“Wait, wait, I thought you were straight!”

“Now I am a fish taco.”

“So, if you two ever break up, you wanna fuck?”

It is also packed with such gems of wisdom as:

“It doesn’t count. It’s clear.”

“I am done with vaginosis.”

“When you’re out late, there is never a good place to shit.”

So for today’s daily dose of exploding heads, Nazi fights, and finger-banging, I hope you’ll check out my memoir “Spare Change.”

Sierra Skye Gemma, punk as fuck, circa 1995.

Sierra Skye Gemma, punk-as-fuck on the steps of Portland’s “The Power House” punk house, circa 1995.

Ready to squirm? My memoir “Spare Change” published today in Plenitude no. 2

Here’s what Andrea Routley, the editor of Plenitude has to say about the latest issue:

“When I contacted Elisha Lim about illustrating the cover for this issue, this is what I wrote them: “I’ve been getting lots of submissions on the subject of love this time around—awkward attempts to find it, experiences being grossed out by it, more sentimental stories, finding someone online, stories of first boyfriends etcetera. Some really diverse stuff, yet linked along those lines.”
Then they came up with those four words, laid out perfectly:

the crush
is mutual.

How fortunate. How foreboding.

Here are a few morsels of what’s inside Issue 2: Sierra Skye Gemma’s story of lust in the 90s Portland punk scene may make you squirm….”

So, are you ready to squirm?

If so, subscribe to Plenitude. It’s only 10 bucks and you get TWO issues!

Crush is Mutual bigger hearts pink stroke