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Feel better, Little Buddy, it’s just a rejection letter

Sometimes those rejection letters get you down. Sometimes it is easy to slip into that mindset where you believe that rejections are some sort of reflection of the quality of your work. I do my best to shake it off. I re-read my work and remember why I believe it

How to make it as a freelance and other tips for leading a writer’s life

I came across this lovely little video of Neil Gaiman giving a graduation address to Arts students. I love his advice on how to make it as a freelancer: “But you get work however you get work, but people keep working, in a freelance world—and more and more of today’s world

How To Know You Are An Artist

According to Elizabeth Hand, these are the symptoms of being an artist: 1 – Interested in everything, generally, and nothing specifically. 2 – Feel like you might die in a 9-5. 3 – homework? 4 – can only commit fully to your own projects. 5 – mostly only interested in

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