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Great interview with National Mag Award winner @SierraGemma How nonficiton writers do it (with a sliver of steel)… http://t.co/W0g401KYBM — Plenitude Magazine (@PlenitudeMag) July 2, 2013

Ploughshares Literary Magazine

The Five Pillars of Place by A.J. Kandathil

I just read a great article that I wanted to share with fellow writers who are working on projects that prominently feature place. “The Five Pillars of Place,” by A.J. Kandathil, is available from Ploughshares. Kandathil identifies the Five Pillars of Place as: Position Economy Young vs. Old Greek Chorus Lexicon

How to Write With Style, According to Kurt Vonnegut

According to Kurt Vonnegut, the 8 rules to writing with style are: Find a Subject You Care About Do Not Ramble, Though Keep It Simple Have the Guts to Cut Sound Like Yourself Say What You Mean to Say Pity the Readers For Really Detailed Advice, Read The Elements of

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