Finger-banging: free from Plenitude Magazine

Do you ever wish you could know me a little better? Do you ever think to yourself, “You know, Sierra could over-share a bit MORE than she already does”?

Well, you are in luck, friends!

Plenitude Magazine, the best queer literary magazine in all of Canada (and, quite possibly, in the whole world), has posted my short memoir “Spare Change” from Issue 2 on their website. It has such classic Sierra lines as:

“Wait, wait, I thought you were straight!”

“Now I am a fish taco.”

“So, if you two ever break up, you wanna fuck?”

It is also packed with such gems of wisdom as:

“It doesn’t count. It’s clear.”

“I am done with vaginosis.”

“When you’re out late, there is never a good place to shit.”

So for today’s daily dose of exploding heads, Nazi fights, and finger-banging, I hope you’ll check out my memoir “Spare Change.”

Sierra Skye Gemma, punk as fuck, circa 1995.

Sierra Skye Gemma, punk-as-fuck on the steps of Portland’s “The Power House” punk house, circa 1995.

Pornography and Parenthood

I’m thrilled to announce that a non-fiction article I’ve been working on for over a year is finally up and available to read on The Globe and Mail website: My Sexual Education.

I began work on this piece at The Banff Centre, which was an amazing experience in and of itself. But the good times didn’t stop there. I just can’t say enough nice things about what it was like to continue my work on this piece with the talented and thoughtful editors at at The Globe and Mail.

Also, look at this beautiful illustration by Rob Dobi that was paired with my article!

Globe and Mail illustration

I hope you’ll give it a read!

The National Magazine Award for Best New Magazine Writer

Are you an emerging writer in Canada? Check out this opportunity from the National Magazine Awards!
“The 2012 winner, Sierra Skye Gemma, published a personal essay about grief in the literary journal The New Quarterly. Read our interview with Sierra about her approach to creative writing and how she came to enter her story for a National Magazine Award.”

National Magazine Awards

Are you an emerging Canadian magazine journalist or creative non-fiction writer? Did you publish one of your first major stories in 2014 in a Canadian consumer magazine, university magazine or literary journal? Chances are you’re eligible to be named Canada’s Best New Magazine Writer from the National Magazine Awards Foundation.

The National Magazine Award for Best New Magazine Writer goes to the writer whose early work in Canadian magazines (print, online or tablet) shows the highest degree of craft and promise.

Last year’s winner, Catherine McIntrye, published an investigative story in THIS Magazine about cancer rates in New Brunswick and correlations to heavy industry. Read our interview with Catherine about her story and ambition to become a magazine journalist.

The 2012 winner, Sierra Skye Gemma, published a personal essay about grief in the literary journal The New Quarterly. Read our interview with Sierra about her approach to creative…

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Sierra Skye Gemma Falls in Love with Banff


Back in June, I was thrilled to announce that Sierra Skye Gemma is the new core member of the Swoon team, and I boasted about the amount of expertise that she is bringing to our community of love, sex, and chocolate. Sierra recently made connections in another community that she loved being a part of: the Literary Journalism Program at The Banff Centre.

I asked Sierra to share some highlights from her time in Banff. Even the most dedicated writers can sometimes find it hard to love their vocation (for example: the revision process), but having the opportunity to hang out in Banff in an adorable writer’s studio of your very own is enough to rekindle that passion! Take a look at Sierra’s photos, and you’ll immediately understand why she fell in love this place!


Photo by Kelsey Kudak Photo by Kelsey Kudak.

This summer, I spent four writing-filled weeks at The Banff Centre

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