Pornography and Parenthood

I’m thrilled to announce that a non-fiction article I’ve been working on for over a year is finally up and available to read on The Globe and Mail website: My Sexual Education.

I began work on this piece at The Banff Centre, which was an amazing experience in and of itself. But the good times didn’t stop there. I just can’t say enough nice things about what it was like to continue my work on this piece with the talented and thoughtful editors at at The Globe and Mail.

Also, look at this beautiful illustration by Rob Dobi that was paired with my article!

Globe and Mail illustration

I hope you’ll give it a read!

4 Replies to “Pornography and Parenthood”

  1. YarOn says:

    Thanks Sierra,
    I am about to raise the topic “talking of sex and sexuality” in a coming PAC meeting at Norquay School. Your article is very useful for my discussion.

    It’s heartwarming to read about your experience, in light of my own “uneventful” childhood. I feel fortunate to have had my upbringing with respect and awareness to other people’s realities. Some are more fortunate than me, but some, unfortunately worlds apart on the depressing side.

    I wish you a continued life of joy and health.

  2. Hersh Kline says:

    Just read the article, I think it was beautifully written and very informative – great job!

  3. char says:

    great article very informative, I have a son and share the same concerns.

  4. redosue says:

    What an interesting/alarming/illuminating/alarming/thorough exploration of pornography use among teens. As the parent of the 3 teen girls I wonder what the effect of such viewing will be on their sex lives and how much they go seeking porn on-line. There is so much to think about and talk about and, as you discovered, there is only so much they – our teens – will actually LET us talk with them about before they wiggle out the door in horror that their mother/father is talking about porn. Terrific article. Great writing. An honest portrayal. Loved it.

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