CBC Radio One Interview with Sierra and Son

CBC Radio One Vancouver recently contacted me for an interview about pornography, sex education in schools, and raising sexually intelligent kids. So I decided to bring along my own sexually intelligent kid. Here’s Sierra & Son talking about sex ed on On The Coast with Stephen Quinn:

Sierra Skye Gemma and Son

Sierra and Son, 2000.

Pornography and Parenthood

I’m thrilled to announce that a non-fiction article I’ve been working on for over a year is finally up and available to read on The Globe and Mail website: My Sexual Education.

I began work on this piece at The Banff Centre, which was an amazing experience in and of itself. But the good times didn’t stop there. I just can’t say enough nice things about what it was like to continue my work on this piece with the talented and thoughtful editors at at The Globe and Mail.

Also, look at this beautiful illustration by Rob Dobi that was paired with my article!

Globe and Mail illustration

I hope you’ll give it a read!